Who we are?

In 2007, we saw a need to create a brand design company with a difference. Website thietkemythuat.com was developed and specialized in logo design service and was top on brand consultancy in Vietnam Art Designs Co., Ltd. After 5 years, it has been founded and stable. In 2012, Art Designs Co., Ltd has been developed a new brand which is Vietbrands in commission to go with Vietnam brands, in order to provide about brand creation and build wholly strategic for developing brands, to become a leading company to be major in brands and media in Vietnam. Vietbrands gathers many experts who do with all the heart. The image of your brand on market is the most valuable asset you have after many difficulties you met to build the brands. That is the reason why we devote all effort to care of your brand. It is the mission we are very proud of.

Day by day, Vietbrands makes many different creations for many brands. We are always ready to listen things you need and effort to collaborate to implement the idea of building your brand.

Mission & Vision


To become a consultancy and brand design, we built wholly and professional brand strategy. To occupy important position in the domestic and international  market.

Our mission is to make totally differences about identifying the brand. We are always side by side with your brand to create unique and distinct on the market.

We know clearly about the value of brand and more effect solutions which are creative and different to increase value of your brand. Both reliability and quality is element that we have put on top of priority. Vietbrands will keep accompany with you with professional conscience and serve with all our heart and professional style of work.


Why Choose Us?

  • Who’s counting?: We work with you and design until you love your logo design. We want you to be happy with the result.
  • Professional Approach: Our logo designers are supervised by a Senior Art Director and our Creative Director to ensure quality control and that the logo design standard is of the highest quality!
  • Affordable: Our professional approach is not going to cost the earth, our designs are very affordable. Unlike cheap logo design templates or logo maker software, your company’s logo will be 100% custom designed.
  • Depth of Experience: We have a lot of clients so our designers have all worked with a huge variety of clients. Your local designer is most unlikely to match our experience, even large design agencies would be unlikely to see the diversity of clients that we have!
  • Creativity: We’re routinely described as clever, cool, original, gifted and understanding. We have great designers who live for art and design.


News & Update

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